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A Community Leader

Progress House Association (PHA) has been working successfully with criminal justice-involved individuals since 1972. Our founder, Dr. Leo Brown Jr., was a prominent member of the African American community in Tacoma, Washington, when he and his wife, Barbara Jean Brown, launched several nonprofit organizations, including PHA. Today, the Browns' children and grandchildren are carrying forward their vision. Our Board is made up entirely of African Americans, and most of our executive leadership are women of color. We are the largest female- and minority-managed nonprofit employer in Pierce County.


Through our 50+ year partnership with the State of Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) and our 32+ year partnership with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, we have assisted more than 16,000 formerly incarcerated individuals in Pierce and King Counties to successfully transition back into the community through our residential work/training release programs and PHA’s wrap-around services. Our current reentry services include room and board, recreation, goal setting, accountability, job assistance, educational opportunities, addiction rehabilitation, family reunification, and spiritual reconnection. We believe in a holistic approach, so we also offer a variety of special-interest clubs, self-discovery workshops, and recovery groups. Approximately 99% of our graduates have found sustainable employment. PHA has proven that successful transition back into the community can be achieved through the utilization of proven reentry programs, practices, and a genuine desire to help those that are willing to help themselves change.


Reducing Recidivism

In its 50-year history, PHA has served over 16,000 previously incarcerated people. It has a longstanding partnership with the Department of Corrections (DOC) and works together with them to help rebuild lives after prison.

"Without Progress House I would've gotten out and had nothing. Now I'm working for the union after finishing an apprenticeship program." 

- Heather Brevier, Former Resident

Our Mission

We believe all women and men can overcome personal challenges to redefine their future and change their world.

Our Mission

To disrupt the cycle of recidivism and poverty through individual empowerment and self-sufficiency. ​

Our Vision

To partner with the Department of Corrections to provide gainful employment and service opportunities for people with criminal records and to facilitate lasting change for generations. 

Help make a difference today.

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