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A Community Leader


Progress House Association is one of Washington's largest nonprofit social impact organizations with focus on stability initiatives alongside human capital development for people with criminal records. At Progress House in partnership with the Department of Corrections, we provide a safe place for our clients/residents to start a new life.  We also offer services to engage and support the families of our clients.


We understand that serving our clients requires a holistic approach starting with the individual and working towards a goal-oriented future. We know that a safe home, livable-wage employment and continued education offer the best chance at successful reentry while reducing recidivism.

Progress House is a community leader in addressing the challenges and barriers to successful reentry. We are a go-to source for best practices and excellent results. 


Reducing Recidivism

Progress House's evidence-based programs are geared toward addressing typical barriers to reentry. Housing and employment-related services are the cornerstones of the services our clients receive while at Progress House, which includes transitional housing, treatment services, and job preparedness, placement and retention services. 

"Without Progress House I would've gotten out and had nothing. Now I'm working for the union after finishing an apprenticeship program." 

- Heather Brevier, Former Resident

Our Mission

We believe all women and men can overcome personal challenges to redefine their future and change their world.

Our Mission

To disrupt the cycle of recidivism and poverty through individual empowerment and self-sufficiency. ​

Our Vision

To partner with the Department of Corrections to provide gainful employment and service opportunities for people with criminal records and to facilitate lasting change for generations. 

Help make a difference today.

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