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Angela Ross-Collins


Angela is widely regarded as a visionary leader at Progress House, where she has been instrumental in guiding the organization into the 21st century. With 48 years of service to the organization, Angela's passion for making lasting change is evident in everything she does. She began her career as a volunteer in her youth, eventually rising to the position of Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all Progress House locations and programs, as well as managing True Vine Senior Living facility, another organization founded by her family that provides housing for low-income individuals.


Angela's extensive experience and expertise make her an effective leader who is both compassionate and forward-thinking. Over the years, she has developed and modified policies and procedures, program offerings, and facilitated the growth of the organization. In addition to her work at Progress House and True Vine, Angela holds over 30 certifications in work release and corrections management from the Department of Corrections and the American Correctional Association, including Crisis Intervention, Safe Communities Training, FEMA, and Suicide Prevention.


When she's not running her family's non-profit dynasty, Angela volunteers for the Sickle Cell Foundation and helps maintain her mother's 40+ year old summer program, Operation Long Thrust, a camp for underserved youth. Despite her busy schedule, Angela still manages to find time for fun, enjoying frequent vacations with her family.


Overall, Angela's contributions to Progress House and the wider community make her an exceptional leader, role model and now Ambassador for Progress House.


"I believe everyone should have the ability to contribute their gifts to the world no matter their circumstances. This work is one of my greatest contributions." 

- A. Collins

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